Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Poems


I have shared our poem book with all the kids in the class and it is now located in their Google writing folder.

I apologise for not getting the artwork into the book, but I just plain ran out of time.  I will blame shifting.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.  You have some talented kids!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Camp Photos

Here are some photos from camp.  Sorry it has taken so long but there were a lot to sort.  There are many more than this, so you can come and see me if you want any or you can see Jenny as she has access to them all too.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Getting Ready

I am hanging out at school today getting ready for Term 4.  Heaps going on this term and I am getting pretty excited about getting started!

Here is a little of what we have coming up:

Crazy, but fun!!

I can't wait to see all the smiling faces back at school and hear what they have been up to in the holidays.

Important Dates:

Camp Meeting - Thursday 13th - 3.30
Masked Parade - 21st October
Camp - 7th-9th November
Athletics - 12 November

Monday, September 19, 2016

Thinking About Term 4

One of the BIG things we will be focusing on next term is our times tables.  These are a crucial part of our next steps in maths learning and without knowing them it makes learning extra hard.

I am putting some activities here that will, hopefully, help the class with their holiday learning and give them a headstart for term 4.

They can also make flashcards (goodies and baddies - the kids can explain this), play maths games, such as Yahtzee, and rote learn them if necessary.

Hit the Button - Hit the answer and win the game.

Connect Four Factors - Learn about factors while playing a fun game.

Times Table Shooting Game - Great way to learn your Four Times Tables.

Times Table Grid - Practise any times table using this grid game.

Learn Your Tables - This game shows you the times table then asks questions to go with.

Loop Cards - Complete the loop by finding the right card - almost like dominoes.

8 Times Table Rocket Dad - Help Dad's rocket power by answering the right questions.

Rooftop Ride MultiplicationHave fun practicing the times tables while zipping along the rooftops on your skateboard. 

Cave Run Multiplication In this game, you gather coins while exploring an underground cave.  

Multiplication Knock DownIf you like Angry Birds, you will love Multiplication Knock Down. 

I will keep changing these often so let me know what you think of the games.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


In our class we are refocusing on our school values.  If you can't remember what they are then you can see them here:

We are pretty excited about a cool art spectacular the kids have planned and are currently executing, but more on that when it is finished...

In the meantime I want to share a cool photo that Vicki took at the winter sports tournament yesterday.  These guys were awesome and I think this photo shows a bunch of strong, positive, responsible, brilliant contributors!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Rock Da House

Here is a list of the songs the year 5 and 6's need to be practising for Rock Da House:

Be Ok
Bird Dog
Express Yourself
Fix You
If this is Love
Love of the Common People
Ring of Fire
Road Trip
The Lost Property Box
Uptown Funk

Jump Rope for Heart

We are in full-swing (skipping pun there) practising for Jump Rope for Heart.  We are getting pretty good at skipping and are even trying some new moves.  '

Here are some videos that might help the kids with their at-home practising:

Some of us have also set ourselves a challenge to learn double dutch so here is a helpful video that may give you some tips:

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Olympic Fun

Here is a funny video from the London Olympics.  The kids enjoyed it and I hope you do too.  Maybe you can talk about Chariots of Fire (if you have seen the movie).

P.S:  Thanks to Te Maire for reminding me to put it up for you to enjoy!

Monday, August 1, 2016


Here are some things you can practise at home if you have time...get it?  TIME!

The Time Matching Game:   - Practise half hour and analog and digital clocks.

Another Time Matching Game - Match the clocks with the correct time.

Telling Time Basketball Game - Telling time to the nearest minute.

Tic Tac Toe Game - Telling time to the nearest minute and using digital and analogue clocks.

Telling the Time - Matching analog and digital clocks.

Clockwise Time Game - Practising o'clock.

What Time Is It? - Matching the time on an analog and digital clock.

Bang on Time - Matching time from an analog and digital clocks.

Stop the Clock - Dragging times to match analog clocks while beating the clock!

Hickory Dickory Dock - Clocks, a mouse and cheese  - half past, quarter past, quarter to and o'clock.

Train Times - Help the mouse catch the right train.

Nash's Adventures - a fun game involving time.

Keep an eye on this page because I will add more as I find them or as you do!

Have fun!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cool Olympic Video

Check out this awesome video from the BBC that we watched today to get us all psyched for the Olympics which starts in 8 days!  So cool!

We also enjoyed the new Katy Perry video with an Olympic theme.

Ancient Greek Presentation 14 - Sport

Here is the last presentation and it is a goodie.  It is all about sport which is perfect for the Olympics coming up.  We learned where they came from.

Ancient Greek Presentation 13 - The Afterlife

This presentation is a bit dark and spooky.  It is all about the afterlife and what the Greeks believed happened when you died.  Don't watch if you get scared easily.

Ancient Greek Presentation 12 - Art and Craft

There was some pretty cool art in ancient Greece and we still use some of their ideas on our buildings today.  Ever wondered where those pillars came from?

Ancient Greek Presentation 11 - Fashion

The fashion in ancient Greece was a bit different from ours.  They also had different clothing for rich and poor people.

Ancient Greek Presentation 10 - Houses

This presentation is about houses in ancient Greece.  They were a bit different than our houses that is for sure.

Ancient Greece Presentation 9 - Inventors

This presentation is all about Greek inventors and scientists.  They were pretty clever for people who lived a LONG time ago.  We will use some of their inventions and ideas today!  Wow!

Ancient Greece Presentation 8 - Cities

Now it is time to learn about ancient Greek cities.  How did they live and shop and protect themselves?

Ancient Greece Presentation 7 - Food, Fishing and Farming

Next up we have a presentation on Food, Fishing and Farming.  I love the way these two have done the comparisons at the end.  Enjoy.

Ancient Greece Presentation 6 - Myths and Legends

It is time for some myths and legends.  I used to read so many of these when I was young.  I loved the mythical beasts and amazing heroes.

Ancient Greece Presentation 5- Pets and Animals

In this presentation you will get to enjoy learning about animals in ancient Greece.  Check out the page on snakes!

Ancient Greece Presentation 4 - Battles

Here is the next one.  Battles and armies feature in this one.

Ancient Greece Presentation 3 - Families

Another presentation for you.  Remember you can give us some positive feedback in the comments below.

Ancient Greece Presentation 2 - Greek Gods

Here is the second presentation for your viewing enjoyment.

Ancient Greece Presentation 1 - Travelling

We have been clever bunnies of late and have been working on our Google Presentations on different topics about ancient Greece.

We had to learn lots of new skills like how to create a Google Presentation, how to add photos and information, and how to make it interesting for the viewer.

We then had to present them to the class and here they are for you to enjoy.  I hope you learn something new.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Daily 5

Today we were super busy getting back into our Daily 5 routines.
Daily 5 is a routine we do every day. It has 5 parts. They are:
1. Handwriting
2. Writing
3. Spelling
4. Read to Self
5. Read to Someone

We can do these in any order we want. 

"I like it because you get to choose what you do and it is independent learning." Heidi.

"This is me and Caleb and Jack doing our writing. My story today was about a destroyed city." Dylan.

These kids are doing Read to Someone. When we do this we have to read to each other. We have to keep our voices down and help each other with our reading.

Sometimes we do EEKK (Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee) but the beanbags and cushions are a comfy place to hunker down and read.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Silent Reading

This is what silent reading on a rainy day looks like in our room.  Pretty comfy!
Today we got our new book boxes and filled them with books we want to read.   We are going to ask if we can bring books from home too, but they have to be books WE want to read. If we are allowed we need to name them.

We would also love some board games to play at lunchtime on rainy days if there are any lying about at home you aren't using and can donate.  
Ssshhhh! Back to reading. I got growled at for doing this and not silent reading! Bad Mrs Rolls.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Autumn Haiku

As promised here are our awesome Autumn Haiku.  There are a few missing and we will get them onto the blog as soon as they are put together!

We would love to get your feedback so feel free to give us positive comments!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Check This Out

Mr Tonkin showed us this great cycling video and I thought it was worth sharing with you.  The kids were 'wowed' and we had just watched the Growth Mindset video so we appreciated how long he would have had to challenge himself and persevere to get this good.


P.S.  Make sure you watch it to the end!

We also watched this clip about a boy who took advice and kept trying until he was happy with the result he got in his work.  The kids and I discussed the positive feedback he got and the fact that he took the advice and used it to make his work better.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baking TIme

This afternoon we were helping get ready for the Fiesta that is on Saturday. 

Our job was to help make the sweets and treats. We made sherbert, peppermint lollies, swirls, truffles and much, much more!

It was lots of fun and we avoided the temptation to lick fingers! Well done us!

I will say though, that our class had a 'snowy' look to it when we finished!