Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baking TIme

This afternoon we were helping get ready for the Fiesta that is on Saturday. 

Our job was to help make the sweets and treats. We made sherbert, peppermint lollies, swirls, truffles and much, much more!

It was lots of fun and we avoided the temptation to lick fingers! Well done us!

I will say though, that our class had a 'snowy' look to it when we finished!


  1. You guys did such a good job and they tasted good too. Did you know you helped raise about $130 once we sold the sweets Kotare made! Thankyou my amazing enthusiastic helpers (and that includes the parent helpers too!). Would you like to do it again next year?

  2. I can't see them saying no to that request!